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So a few days back, a friend of mine, :iconcrossknight35: tagged me with a meme tasking me to give 8 facts about one of my OCs. I'm not often fond of these but I thought it might be a good idea to go for it with the OC he chose for me. I won't be tagging others though, as I'm not terribly fond of doing that myself, but I think the rest should hopefully be interesting enough.

So I hope he and you all appreciate the facts about this OC I seldom show to others, War Stars Reborn by CrossKnight35

  1. War is the OC I'm using for a long-running RP between me and :iconcrossknight35: and is the Horseman of War among the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The title and abilities of it actually had been "rewarded" to him back when he was mortal for having a sheer unrelenting capability to appear and fight on virtually nearly every battlefield largely for the sake of testing himself against armies whose technologies had well-surpassed his. Back then war was practically the thing that fueled him.

  2. As expected, he has the other Horsemen as his "family," though he never refers to them as brother or sister. Outside of Famine he doesn't tend to get along well, with Pestilence being a rather crazy and diabolical being and Death... Well he's yet to show up in the story.

  3. My inspirations for War largely stem from a few concepts, loving monstrous brutes and over-the-top-power beings for one, and having an interest on doing something with the Horsemen concept without (hopefully) digging in too much from Darksiders.

  4. It's definitely not right to call War anything close to a hero, not especially since he's been a Horseman for a good 200,000 years. Largely he's shifted from various degrees of anti-hero to outright antagonist depending on the arc (and depending on my writing, as IMO I've gotten a lot better over the past few years) but lately he's been pushing more towards the former, especially when called to wars where he has to consider the lives of his opponents rather than wiping them out.

  5. As expected from his appearance, War is immensely strong and durable, being able to perform a classic minotaur charge which has never been known to be stopped once begun. He's also capable of flying between planets and breathing in any substance, without needing substance to survive beyond conflict or battle. In addition his body is incapable of being destroyed while war still exists in the universe and his body slowly regenerates outside of battle. He can also release an aura which can influence beings and elements to act aggressively towards another, which might be the most destructive thing available to him and the one which he has to use the most carefully.

  6. War's beard and his bearded whiskers are indestructible, shaped and groomed by himself but the actual durability of it was granted as the blessing of a nigh-omnipotent Chinese-style cosmic dragon he had once met. He can move his whiskers with his will and can also deflect projectiles using them at indescribably-fast speed.

  7. He's been a masochist, big time. To describe his gluttony for pain would be like describing Superman's powerset over the comics he's appeared in: Indescribably large. War's gluttony however has... bit him very hard in the story and as a result he's working on getting over it, dealing with pain as an injury rather than a delight, which has helped keep his stoic, stone-like gaze and attitude.

  8. There's yet to be a mortal warrior which has defeated War in combat (which in this case would be simply making him incapable of fighting, generally by breaking or tearing off his limbs and possibly horns too), however the ones he's been meeting in his story so far have gotten very mighty indeed, and for War's story I am hoping to see whether one in particular can defeat War in a later rematch.



Favourite style of art: Realistic/Silver Age/Manga Style
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How is DA Universe though? :)
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